What happened on August 20 at a Swedish police station

At about 14.00 in the warm afternoon of August 20 two women walked into a police station in central Stockholm wanting “to talk and get some advice regarding two prior incidents and would like to get recommendations on how to proceed since they were insecure. From the start the crime rape was mentioned and it was stated that both women were victims.” From the memorandum of the police inspector in charge.

After talking to the women separately, making some phone calls to family-violence unit and the station commander, the female police inspector issued a police report at 16.11. The prosecutor on call was informed about the contents of the report and an order for arrest was issued at 17.00. The person wanted was Julian Assange, of Wikileaks’ fame. And he was wanted for the crime of rape and “ofredande”, abuse. So far, none of accusers had been interviewed by the police.

At this time nobody would ever think that the conversations in this small police station in central Stockholm within 24 hours would result in a world-wide media frenzy.

At this time very few people knew about the story. It was only the accusers, the police and the prosecutors. Someone leaked details of the police report and the order of arrest to Niklas Svensson, a journalist at the tabloid magazine Expressen. Expressen managed to get the story confirmed by the prosecutor on call and they published the news late in the evening, 23.18. And soon the story appeared inte media all around the world. Continue reading

Why there is an English version of this blog

This blog was started in May 2010 with the specific aim to work for a change of the present sex crime laws in Sweden. The reason why the laws have to be changed is because they are discriminating against women. For many years I have listened to politicians talking about sexual violence as one of our society’s biggest problems. Everybody wants to put an end to it, but nobody seems to know what to do. To me, it is not that difficult. It starts with finding out what the situation really is without any pre-conceived political ideas.

Why an English version of this blog
In the middle of August Julian Assange, of Wikileaks fame, came to Sweden to apply for a residence- and workpermit. He slept with a few Swedish women and on August the 20th he was arrested in absentia for rape and abuse. This incident caught the attention of world media and the story has become one of the greatest stories in 2010. And as it looks, it will be of interest in the media for a long time in the coming year.

To me the story is simple. Two women accuse Julian Assange of sexual misconduct. And the police is gets on with an investigation. It is a private matter. For Julian Assange it is not that simple. He sees the accusations as part of a great “smear-campaign” of him and Wikileaks . Because his reaction the story quickly develops into something a lot bigger than what it really is. Continue reading