The Assange case: Rick Downes at Rixstep cooks information

The Assange case starts when Julian does not answer his phone when a female he had sex with calls him. The female, Sofia Wilén, then calls Anna Ardin, another recent sex partner of Julian’s, which eventually leads to a police report. And the whole story gets started. When Julian’s lawyer tries to get hold of him, he continues not to answer his phone, which over time leads to a European Arrest Warrant, EAW, and finally the case ends up in England’s Supreme Court.

Of course, none of the people involved will ever admit that the case may be all about over-use of Caller ID. They’d rather talk about corrupt authorities, political interference, conspiracies, onward extradition to the U.S., CIA, Pentagon, State Feminism, lay jurors, Jewish media conspiracies, dark forces, openness and transparency versus secrecy, evil prosecutors, honey-traps, Karl Rove, Mutual Legal Assistance, proportionality, secret talks between Swedish and US authorities, etc.

Much of what has been written in the Assange case is based on fallacies, misconceptions and fictional information. In this article I will show that a source that Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, Justice for Assange and WikiLeaks Central regard as credible, Rixstep, invents facts and writes bizarre articles based on these made up facts. Continue reading

The Assange case: Information Jesus on the cross or just fingers crossed

For those of you who are familiar with the Julian Assange case, portions of this long post is repetition. I’ve felt that is crucial that a complete time-line of events is posted so that you can get an idea of what has really happened. Much of what has been written about the Assange case is fictional information. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between fictional and real information. In future posts I will take a closer look at some of the people that are inventing and misrepresenting facts. But first lets look at the issue, Julian’s availability for interrogation.

A “truth” among those who support Julian Assange is that he has been available to the police for questioning. And he has not “fled Sweden” to escape questioning. In the extradition hearing on 7-8 February 2010 Julian’s English lawyers attempted to convince the court that Julian had been available for questioning for five weeks and that the police and the prosecutors had not showed interest in interviewing him. Something that Sweden’s representative, Clare Montgomery, showed was totally incorrect. The purpose of this article is to give you all the facts so you can make  up your own mind whether Julian Assange was available for questioning or if he tried to escape. Continue reading

The Assange case: The condom speaks out or talk-about-condoms

A common  adage is “A picture is worth a thousand words”. I don’t know if that is generally true. If you look at the picture below. What does is say? Is it talking to us? Or does it need a thousand words in order for it to speak out?

Is this the condom used by Anna Ardin and Julian Assange?

I have written extensively about the Julian Assange case, mostly in Swedish. The reason for this is that it is a very important case. Though not in the way most people think. What is important is that this case proves that the Swedish police and Swedish prosecutors are unable to distinguish between a real and a false accusation. And if the police cannot do that it is obvious that the real criminals may walk free and innocent people can end up in jail. And that the victims for sex crimes will not get justice.  The Assange case reveals a systematic failing in how sex crimes are investigated. And what is extremely frightening, the investigation in the Assange case is made by Sweden’s top prosecutor for sex crimes, superior prosecutor Marianne Ny. The Assange case poses one serious question; how are sex crime investigations conducted by less qualified prosecutors in Sweden? Continue reading