Some are more stupid than others

For a long time I thought I had a crystal ball in my hand. That I could tell the future. And everything because of Julian Assange. Every time I was asked what I thought would happen in the case I anwered like this:

Since Julian has left Sweden in an attempt to avoid interrogation he will be arrested in absentia. And then an European Arrest Warrant will be issued. He will fight the extradition in court and he will lose. He will appeal and he will lose again. He will take it to the Supreme Court and lose. Then he will appeal to the European Court of Human Rights and they will not take the case. And he will be sent to Sweden where he will be interviewed. After that the case will be dropped since there is nothing as far as I know that indicates he has committed any criminal offence.

This prophesy seemed ok until the decision in the Supreme Court on May 30, 2012. Julian lost but got a second chance to appeal the decision. Something that is very rare. The reason given was that the decision was partly based on the Vienna convention and the lawyers had not been given opportunity to give their opinion about the text. But Julian’s lawyers missed the opportunity. The Supreme Court in an unanimous decision on June 14 rejected the last appeal as without merit. But the court was friendly towards Julian. They gave him 14 days to appeal the case to the European Court of Human Rights since they believed, as I did, that Julian would appeal. That would be in line with his past behavior that seems like a person suffering from “justice obsession syndrome” (rättshaverist in Swedish, rechtshaberei in German). But is was not going to happen. Continue reading