Assange’s lawyers lie about Interpol Red Notices

One of INTERPOL’s most important functions is to help police in its member countries share critical crime-related information using a system of international notices. Police can use Interpol notices to alert law enforcement in other countries of potential threats, or to ask for assistance in solving crimes. The notices are colored depending on their function. Notices can also be used by the United Nations Security Council, the International Criminal Court and international criminal tribunals to warn that certain individuals and entities face UN sanctions.

During my life I have made a number of mistakes. Some sillier than others. A recent mistake has been trusting that Julian Assange’s lawyers were informed and acted in compliance with the code of conduct for lawyers. I have been forced to realize that the lawyers are both ignorant and they lie. And their conduct is not what I would have expected of lawyers. Continue reading

The Assange case: Thin men in la-la land, part 2

Too many cooks spoil the broth

Ju fler kockar, desto sämre soppa

Troppi cuochi guastano la cucina.

or even better in a French:
Quand il y a plusieurs capitaines, la pêche est maigre.

Leif Silbersky, Björn Hurtig, James B. Caitlin, Mark Stephens, Jennifer Robinson, Geoffrey Robertson QC, John Jones, Gareth Peirce, Ben Emmerson QC, Mark Summers, Michael Ratner, Per E. Samuelsson, Thomas Olsson, Dinah Rose QC och Baltasar Garzón. And the PR-man Harald Ullman.

Do I have to say more? And as if this number wasn’t enough there’s a great many more lawyers like Glenn Greenwald that wants to give advice and comment on the case. What a soup. Not one fish caught. Just a lot of bananas. Continue reading

50 ways to abandon Julian Assange

The problem is all inside your head she said to me
The answer is easy if you  take it logically
I’d like to help you in your struggle to be free

are the first lines of Paul Simon’s great song “50 ways to leave your lover”.

Great people sometimes make great mistakes. But over the time the mistakes are forgotten. How about this quote from Harry Morris Warner, one of the founders of Warner Brothers, from 1927:

“Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?”

Harry Morris didn’t get the idea of sound in movies then. But in a little while he and his brothers used sound in films and became very successful.

Gareth Peirce is a great lawyer. And a human rights activist. On May 29 2012 she sent a mail to the Australian government to ask for extra support for Julian Assange. In the mail Gareth Peirce asks the Australian government to interfere in the judicial process. There are 16 demands. All of them ridiculous. Continue reading

Julian Assange’s lawyers conspire to hide the truth about extraditions

Glenn Greenwald, Michael Ratner, Jennifer Robinson, Mark Stephens, Geoffrey Robertson and Per E. Samuelsson are all lawyers that have claimed that there is a great risk that Julian Assange will be extradited to the US from Sweden if he is extradited from the UK. I have asked Glenn Greenwald, Michael Ratner and Jennifer Robinson for any facts that support their claims. So far I have not received any. And that is not surprising. There aren’t any. The so called “risk of extradition” is nothing more than a fabrication. A lawyers conspiracy in an effort to gain public support. But in plain English it is nothing more than a series of silly lies. Continue reading

Julian Assange: Journalist or spy? You’re the judge

Some people are of the opinion that Julian Assange is a journalist and that he should have the same protection as journalists do. He should have the right to publish information without being prosecuted for it. That he should have the same protection as the New York Times, the Guardian, Der Spiegel, Svenska Dagbladet and other media that has published information from WikiLeaks. But is Julian Assange a journalist?

Julian claims to be a journalist. But that does not make him a journalist? What determines what a person is is not what he thinks of himself but what he does. His behaviour.  So in order to determine whether Julian Assange is a journalist or a spy we have to study Julian Assange’s behaviour. Does he behave like a journalist. I have come to realize that it is almost impossible to discuss the Julian Assange case without ending up in meaningless discussions that remind me of religious discussions. Few facts and billions of “I believe”. So in order to get a better understanding of the issue lets look at an example from my fantastic life as a blogger.

Imagine for a moment that I am sex fixated blogger with an inclination for latex and leather. And that I have a fantastic girlfriend, a professional photographer, with the same interests. I know its hard, but please try. During our time together she has documented our meetings in wonderful pictures in all colours of the rainbow. One day we discover to our horrors that our filing cabinet has been broken in to. All that remains are numerous empty photo albums. Some of these pictures appear almost instantly on a website called DikiLeaks. Anybody with access to internet can view me and my girlfriend with latex and leather. Horror of horrors. Continue reading