Naomi Wolf’s “corporate attorney” steps in, updated

Life is wonderful. And it is full of surprises. I posted an article that shows that Naomi Wolf is, at best, ill-informed about the facts in the Assange case. She has posted articles that are filled with misrepresented facts, innuendo, lies and the like. Now I know Naomi Wolf has been at it again. She has just posted a new article. “Sweden’s other rape suspects”, an article that’s been re-published in many newspapers around the world. In my next post I will comment on her article.

In her new article she reveals “new astonishing facts” about the case. According to Naomi Wolf the alleged rape did not occur in the city of  Enköping as stated in all the police documents. Now she wants us to believe the alleged crime took place in the city of Uppsala, some 30 miles north east of Enköping. I hope that Naomi Wolf will contact the police and prosecutors and tell them they have made great mistake.

When I wrote a comment on the blog that posted her article I got a reply from Naomi Wolf’s expensive corporate attorney  Nicklas Sundström. Our conversation is below.

J. Cheever Loophole

I wrote the comment hoping that Naomi Wolf would explain to me why she believes the alleged rape took place in Uppsala and why she believes the police has not been able to figure it out before she did.

Instead I got an answer from her corporate attorney Nicklas Sundström that I’ve heard is a distant relative to J. Cheever Loophole, world-renowned public intellectual circus attorney. J. Cheever Loophole even had a successful movie career acting along with Goliath the Strongman and Little Professor Atom.

I don’t know why Naomi Wolf is creating silly fictitious stories. I don’t know if she believes in them herself. All I know is that she does not have any credibility, she is dishonest and from now on will be remembered as Naomi “Dances with Facts” Wolf.

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