The Assange case: Naomi Wolf errs on facts and basic geography

Naomi Wolf is a world-renowned public intellectual and influential feminist. She has written extensively about the Assange case. Articles that are filled with misrepresented facts, innuendo, outrageous conspiracy theories, half-truths and the like. In a post, “Checking Naomi Wolf’s 8 big problems in the Assange case and coming up empty”, I’ve tried to verify her claims but have not been able to do so. Of her so called 8 big problems I found 9 very serious factual errors. I’ve come to the conclusion that Naomi Wolf is, at best, ill-informed.

Now Naomi Wolf is upping the ante. She is now fabricating evidence to support her claims. In her latest post from 31 August this year, “Sweden’s Other Rape Suspects”, she wants us to believe that Swedish authorities do not take rape seriously.

“So, for most raped Swedish women, the shelters are full, the hotlines inactive, and the police selectively look the other way – that is, unless they are busy chasing down a globally famous suspect.”

In order for Naomi Wolf to do so she misrepresents facts and fabricates a story that Julian Assange committed the alleged rape in the city of Uppsala. Why Naomi Wolf places the alleged rape in Uppsala and not in another of Sweden’s more than one hundred cities is easy to understand.

“Until 2006, women in Uppsala faced a remarkable hurdle in seeking justice: the city’s chief of police, Göran Lindberg, was himself a serial rapist, convicted in July 2010 … The Uppsala police force that is now investigating Assange either failed to or refused to investigate effectively the sadistic rapist with whom they worked every day.”

Naomi Wolf wants us to believe that the case is not a normal rape or sexual assault case. To do so she fabricates evidence that Uppsala Police force is involved in the case and that the Uppsala police force has an alleged history of not investigating sex crimes unless they are chasing down a globally famous suspect like Julian Assange.

Location of Enköping, Uppsala, Stockholm and Solna

The facts tell a different story. The alleged rape took place in the city of Enköping some 30 miles from Uppsala. The crime was reported to Klara Närpolisstation in downtown Stockholm on the 20th of August 2010. City Åklagarkammare (prosecutors) in Stockholm was responsible for the first investigation. After the case was re-opened 1st of September 2010 Västerorts Åklagarkammare in Solna, a suburb of Stockholm, is in charge of the investigation. Uppsala Police force has never been involved in the case and they never will be. As a matter of fact, Uppsala police force wasn’t even involved in the investigation of Göran Lindberg.

Is it possible that Naomi Wolf is misinformed? Naomi Wolf claims she has read all the relevant police transcripts. If so she would have noted that Enköping and Stockholm are mentioned numerous times. Linköping and Malmö are mentioned too but not in connection to any alleged crimes. If I remember it correctly Uppsala is not even mentioned once in the 100 page Detention memorandum. My conclusion is that Naomi Wolf could not have gotten the information from police documents.

In my research I have not found anybody claiming that the alleged rape took place in Uppsala except for Naomi Wolf. In an article, “Julian Assange Captured by World’s Dating Police” from 7 December 2010 Naomi Wolf links to an article that very clearly states that the alleged rape occurred in Enköping.

It is evident that Naomi Wolf has knowingly fabricated her Uppsala story to misrepresent events in order to depict the Swedish legal system as corrupt.

There are more deceptions in Naomi Wolf’s article. She claims:

“the Swedish police supported the accusers in legally unprecedented ways – for example, by allowing them to tell their stories together and by allowing testimony from a boyfriend.”

As I have shown in my article “Checking Naomi Wolf’s 8 big problems in the Assange case and coming up empty” there is nothing in the original police documents that support her claims.

Naomi Wolf claims further:

“When I tried the rape-crisis hot-line at the government-run Crisis Center for Women in Stockholm, no one even picked up – and there was no answering machine.”

Every single time I have called the center, my calls have been answered promptly.

Naomi Wolf is doing her best trying to depict Sweden as a country where rape is not taken seriously.

“When I emailed the Rape Crisis support institute in Uppsala, listed by the global rape-crisis organization RAINN, I received an automatic reply saying that the facility was temporarily closed.”

When I e-mailed the same address I got an automatic reply informing me of the correct e-mail address. I have an advantage over Naomi Wolf. I understand Swedish. When I used the new address I got in contact with the Rape Crisis support institute. If Naomi Wolf had any interest in finding the truth she would have checked the RAINN page she is referring to. Approximately 40% of the links on that page are broken and at the bottom there is a note, ©2009. Likely the page contains old information.

In my e-mail to the rape crisis center I asked how come Naomi Wolf has not only problems with facts but also some dialing problems. Below is their response:

Tack för att du uppmärksammade oss på Naomi Wolfs artikel. Hon bygger den på gamla länkar och telefonnummer som hon har hittat på den amerikanska organisationen Rainns webbplats. Om hon hade letat i FN:s sammanställning över olika länders resurser mot våld hade hon fått mer aktuella uppgifter.

Viktigt att veta är också att det bara går att ringa till den nationella stödtelefonen Kvinnofridslinjen från ett nummer inom Sverige. Anledningen är att det är ett gratisnummer, 020-50 50 50, och det fungerar inte om man ringer över utländska nät.

Karin Sandell

In short, Naomi Wolf is using old information. The rape crisis phone number is a toll free number like 800 numbers in the USA. Toll free numbers only work within Sweden. Not only has Naomi Wolf big problems with facts, she has problems with phone numbers as well. I have called more hot-line numbers to verify that Naomi Wolf’s claims are not true.

The first paragraph in Naomi Wolf’s article reads:

“It is difficult for me, as an advocate against rape and other forms of violence against women, to fathom the laziness and willful ignorance that characterize so much of the media coverage of the sexual-assault allegations against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. To report that we are simply witnessing Swedish justice at work, one must be committed to doing no research – not even the bare minimum of picking up a phone.”

Naomi Wolf has some cheek to claim that other media reports are full of lazy reporting and willful ignorance. She wrote a story about 8 big problems which had 9 factual errors and not a single claim she made was factual. She has now decided to relocate the important events to a completely unconnected city. One can’t even call this willful ignorance, and she knows perfectly well that the events took place elsewhere.

I am led to wonder quite what Naomi’s agenda is, now she is not only making claims based on complete ignorance of Swedish law, she has moved on to making claims based on things she herself knows not to be true.

When I talked to a friend of mine about Naomi Wolf’s fabricated evidence she said with a sigh:

“Yeah, I met Naomi in my school in ’96,
she was master at stating the obvious,
now ————– the imaginary”.

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  2. *Yeah, and there’s also her illogically equating her inability to get an answer from the rape crisis line (which turns out to be her using old numbers partly due to her NOT UNDERSTANDING SWEDISH) with the sort of response she should expect if she reported a rape to the police.  So, because (she claims) she can’t get a hold of anyone from the rape crisis line, that means it is really suspicious that two women who went to the police were taken seriously.

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