Julian Assange and Rick Downes unveiled again

Whenever there is new information one would imagine that it would have an impact on people’s perceptions. That is not the case when the people involved are converted Julian Assange fans. Facts are not important. If facts do not support Julian Assange’s story, just disregard them. Pretend they don’t exist and pray that nobody will find out. And if facts are found, attack the person that found them because they must have an agenda.

What happened on 6 October 2010?

According to Julian Assange’s official hearsay the prosecutor Marianne Ny has been playing a game of trying to arrest Julian Assange in public in order to humiliate him. To ambush Julian Assange. “Marianne Ny double-crossed Julian Assange. Of that there is no doubt. All along there’s been a shadow game as the war of words played out in the media. It’s a hidden war kept away from the public eye that explains what’s really going on and why Julian Assange is rightfully apprehensive about returning to Sweden.”

Since 15 August 2010 Julian Assange was scheduled to appear at a seminar on 6 October organized by Föreningen Afghansolidaritet. The prosecutors knew about his plans and on 5 October Marianne Ny sent Julian Assange’s lawyer a text and asked him to bring Julian Assange in for an interview. How is this simple event reported in Julian Assange’s media?

Rick Downes at Rixstep is one of the trusted sources according to WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. On 9 July 2011 Rick Downes writes the fanciful official story about what happened on 6 October 2010.

“Julian was scheduled to return to Sweden in the beginning of October. He was scheduled to participate in ‘Afghan Week’. He was to give a talk on Wednesday 6 October and then to march with the rest of them in Stockholm on Saturday 9 October. This would be Julian’s third visit to Sweden that year. It was not to be.”

“Julian was to speak at 18:30 Wednesday 6 October in Stockholm’s ABF-huset. Pratap Chatterjee was also to contribute, as was SVT’s ‘WikiRebels’ coproducer Jesper Huor. Julian couldn’t make it as the theft at Arlanda [full details about the “computer theft” here] set him back a few days.

But the people who did attend were able to contact Julian and warn him about what Marianne Ny was up to.

The media were there – but not just to catch a glimpse of Julian Assange. They’d been told Julian Assange was going to be arrested as soon as he showed up.

The police were there too. The plan was to ambush Julian Assange and let the media get their photographs of him being led away in handcuffs. Just like what Niklas Svensson had wanted but not got.

Are these the actions of an uncorrupted state prosecutor?

Julian was ready to make Stockholm by the march on Saturday 9 October. But people who cared for his welfare and who didn’t like Marianne Ny’s double cross warned him off. So he didn’t return. And the early afternoon event, starting with a talk at Norra Bantorget (yes right by LO-borgen) by former minister of defence Thage Peterson, would go on without him.

It’s at this point Julian Assange realizes the game isn’t as simple as he’d like to believe. This isn’t just a matter of resolving a misunderstanding or settling a legal matter – there are sinister forces afoot. Starting now, Julian knows he’s up against something more than anyone had reckoned with.”

The official Julian Assange story is made up

As anyone can see there are no facts to support Rick Downes’ story. Julian Assange was asked on 5 October to come in for an interview. There’s no ambush. There are no games played. From “Agreed statement of Facts and Issues” “At around the same time, the prosecutor stated that, notwithstanding the extant arrest warrant, that the Appellant was ‘not a wanted man’ and would be able to attend an interview ‘discreetly’”.

Where does Rick Downes get his information? Nobody knows. There aren’t any facts that support Rick Downes. But that doesn’t stop him. If you don’t have facts just make up a story. Julian Assange fans don’t really care if a story is true or not. It is not about facts. It is about beliefs. Julian Assange is the Messiah of Information.

According to Rick Downes:

“This isn’t just a matter of resolving a misunderstanding or settling a legal matter – there are sinister forces afoot. Starting now, Julian knows he’s up against something more than anyone had reckoned with.”

The only sinister forces that I have detected so far is Rick Downes and Julian Assange himself. From 6 October Julian Assange is “up against something more than anyone had reckoned with.” That is true. He is up against his own unlimited imagination and the fearful writings of his so called “trusted sources”.

The information about the texts between the prosecutor Marianne Ny and Julian Assange’s lawyer Björn Hurtig has been available at the Flashback Forum for about a month. Not one of the “truth seeking detectives” at the Forum has written about it.

4 thoughts on “Julian Assange and Rick Downes unveiled again

  1. How about the truth yourself ?

    It was NOT published on Flashback one month ago, it was on a blog called undermattan, and you have yourself extracted pdf-links from that site and published it here in your blog, but only some tiny parts, and also with the internal-address from the prosecutors-office removed !

    The original and non-edited versions can be found here with gov-stamps:  http://undermattan.com/files/2012/09/Åklagarmyndigheten-SMS-mm.pdf

    Why do you twist the truth again, Julian was arrested in secrecy on the 27/9 at 14:15hrs, so the whole sms-traffic that you refer to is just a charade between his lawyer and the prosecutor, as she all the way until the 9th of october THINKS that Julian and his lawyer does not know about the secret arrest, she was not aware of that Julian got this info, and this is the reason of a no-show of Julian in Stockholm in october, as he got tipped off and had no reason then to go back.

    You have yourself in the erlier post given the timing of the secret arrest warrant to the 27/9 at 14:15hrs, then you write this as he was a free man until the 9/10 but did not show up and therefore should be listed as a liar, hold your horses. The absolut worst thing with you is that you re-edit originally docs from another blog, choosing just fragmented parts, then brags about that the Flashback people does not write about this, when in fact they been writing a lot of these docs lately.

    • Your information is incorrect. The lawyer Björn Hurtig knew about the arrest warrant from 30 September. JUlian choose not to return to Sweden on 6 and 9 October. And as you know he has not returned after that either.

      The documents from undermattan shows that Julian is not telling the truth about what happened on 6 October. The documents show that Rick Downes at Rixstep is making up the story of what happened on 6 October. You don’t seem to mind.

  2. Funny that Ny claimed JA could be interviewed “discretely” on Oct.6. With an active arrest warrant even a “discrete” interview would be followed by an immideate arrest+pretrial confinement.Which would have meant that he wouldn`t have been able to oversee the Iraq War Log+Cablegate publications. Somewhat understandable that he decided aginst that.

  3. *It is a matter of relevance when JA decided that he was no
    longer willing to be interviewed in Sweden by the prosecution authorities. It
    would appear that the decision was made after JA left Sweden. 

    JA left Sweden by air on 27 September 2010. Prior to that
    date there was nothing physically stopping him from leaving the country. He
    chose to remain in Sweden. 

    Even on 27 September, JA left Sweden by checking-in at an
    airport where he could easily have been apprehended. Yet he seemingly had no
    fear of being arrested. If he had, he would have crossed one of Sweden’s land
    borders, which are not subject to passport control, following the Schengen

    What made JA change is his mind after 27 September 2010 and
    reject interrogation in Sweden? 

    Why did the Swedish prosecution authorities let JA leave on
    exactly the same day that they issued a warrant for his arrest?

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