The UK Supreme Court, Susanne Maier @gerge42 and the truth

David Allen Green is legal commentator at New Statesmen. He has written a number of great articles about the Assange case in New Statesman and on his blog, Jack of Kent. He has coined the wonderful expression “zombie facts”.

Whenever the Julian Assange extradition comes up in the news, many of his supporters make various confident assertions about legal aspects of the case.

Some Assange supporters will maintain these contentions regardless of the law and the evidence – they are like “zombie facts” which stagger on even when shot down;

Since David Allen Green is exposing many of the inconsistencies in Julian Assange’s legal teams arguments he is attacked in a number of ways. Some small minded people claim it is incorrect to call it “zombie facts” since facts are supposed to be true. Others claim that David Allen Green must be paid by the big Satan, USA, and part of a world wide conspiracy against Information Jesus. Just like so many of us that realize that Julian Assange and his legal team are very liberal with the truth.

Susanne Maier, @gerge42, is a prominent member of the fundamentalist Assange cult. Kind of like a self proclaimed Queen of Disinformation. She is one of the world’s most recognized collectors of zombie facts.

I have always wondered if you are dependent on zombie facts to survive, what does that make you? I understand being a zombie must have an up-side. It is like Halloween everyday. Trick of treat forever. Another version of “Ground Hog Day”. Is it fun? Don’t know. Ask Susanne.

I am not a fundamentalist. I am in no way saying that everything Susanne Maier claims is untrue. Just most of it. Continue reading

Per E. Samuelsson: Lawyer or liar?

In a recent post I showed that Jennifer Robinson’s brief to Australian Members of Parliament from March 2011 contains 57 varieties of “truth”. It is not possible to make that many errors without trying really hard. It is obvious that she did her best to deceive the MPs.

Per E. Samuelsson, one of Julian Assange’s Swedish lawyers, is doing his best trying to follow in Jennifer Robinson’s footsteps. In an article in the Guardian 2 July 2012 he makes many false claims. It is obvious that he is trying to deceive readers. I will deal with some of the claims in the order they appear.

“Sweden routinely imposes severe restrictions on suspects held on remand.”

How relevant is this statement to the Julian Assange case? Julian Assange’s legal teams have tried to tell the world that if Julian Assange would be extradited to Sweden he would be held incommunicado. Is it true? Continue reading