UN Panel’s remarkable Opinion (54/2015) in the Assange case

OHCHRIt was a while since I posted anything on this blog. When the UN panel (UNWGAD) on 5 February 2016 published its remarkable opinion in the Assange case I was astonished. How could they reach this conclusion and why is the Opinion filled with factual errors? I had to investigate.

I now know that the panel kept Assange’s allegations secret for Sweden. Most likely the panel kept Assange’s allegations secret to the UK as well. In an adversarial procedure as the one in UNWGAD it is essential that the parties are given access to all of the allegations otherwise one party is discriminated and a decision will be faulty. From Factsheet 26 :

The Group attaches great importance to the adversarial character of its procedure. Consequently, the communication is forwarded to the Government concerned through diplomatic channels with an invitation to communicate to the Working Group within 90 days its comments and observations on the allegations made, both as regards the facts and the applicable legislation and concerning the progress and outcome of any investigations that may have been ordered.

The UNWGAD panel have violated their own rules in this case. They kept Sweden (and most likely the UK) in the dark of Assange’s allegations in order for them to declare Assange to be arbitrary detained.

It is evident that the UNWGAD Opinion is nothing more than an arbitrary opinion. What is the value of a panel like the UNWGAD when they operate more like a court in the former Soviet Union during Stalin’s time.

I will expose the UNWGAD’s practice in a series of posts. I will also expose Assange’s submission to the UNWGAD for what it really is. A collection false arguments, willful errors in translation and misleading lines of reasoning. So there is more coming.

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