The Assange case: Naomi Wolf errs on facts and basic geography

Naomi Wolf is a world-renowned public intellectual and influential feminist. She has written extensively about the Assange case. Articles that are filled with misrepresented facts, innuendo, outrageous conspiracy theories, half-truths and the like. In a post, “Checking Naomi Wolf’s 8 big problems in the Assange case and coming up empty”, I’ve tried to verify her claims but have not been able to do so. Of her so called 8 big problems I found 9 very serious factual errors. I’ve come to the conclusion that Naomi Wolf is, at best, ill-informed.

Now Naomi Wolf is upping the ante. She is now fabricating evidence to support her claims. In her latest post from 31 August this year, “Sweden’s Other Rape Suspects”, she wants us to believe that Swedish authorities do not take rape seriously.

“So, for most raped Swedish women, the shelters are full, the hotlines inactive, and the police selectively look the other way – that is, unless they are busy chasing down a globally famous suspect.”

In order for Naomi Wolf to do so she misrepresents facts and fabricates a story that Julian Assange committed the alleged rape in the city of Uppsala. Why Naomi Wolf places the alleged rape in Uppsala and not in another of Sweden’s more than one hundred cities is easy to understand. Continue reading

Naomi Wolf’s “corporate attorney” steps in, updated

Life is wonderful. And it is full of surprises. I posted an article that shows that Naomi Wolf is, at best, ill-informed about the facts in the Assange case. She has posted articles that are filled with misrepresented facts, innuendo, lies and the like. Now I know Naomi Wolf has been at it again. She has just posted a new article. “Sweden’s other rape suspects”, an article that’s been re-published in many newspapers around the world. In my next post I will comment on her article.

In her new article she reveals “new astonishing facts” about the case. According to Naomi Wolf the alleged rape did not occur in the city of  Enköping as stated in all the police documents. Now she wants us to believe the alleged crime took place in the city of Uppsala, some 30 miles north east of Enköping. I hope that Naomi Wolf will contact the police and prosecutors and tell them they have made great mistake.

When I wrote a comment on the blog that posted her article I got a reply from Naomi Wolf’s expensive corporate attorney  Nicklas Sundström. Our conversation is below. Continue reading

Checking Naomi Wolf’s 8 big problems in the Assange case and coming up empty

The Age of Information,
Has turned out to be the Age of Ignorance.
                 Mark Crispin Miller

Professor Mark Crispin Miller has been kind to post my rebuttal of Naomi Wolf’s claims on his blog, News from Underground. RESPECT.

Recently I noticed an article posted on Mark Crispin Miller’s blog, “News from Underground.” The article, written by Naomi Wolf, is called “Something Rotten in the State of Sweden: 8 Big Problems with the ‘Case’ Against Assange.” I have followed the Assange case from the beginning. I’ve made discoveries of deleted tweets, poor police work and other irregularities. Because of my findings I was asked to be a witness for the defense in the extradition hearings on the 7th and 8th of February 2011. There are problems in the Assange case, but none of Naomi Wolf’s claims are actually real problems. In fact, Naomi Wolf’s so-called problems are misconceptions and fictitious conspiracy theories. Continue reading