Julian Assange’s encounter with the two females

Much of what has been written about this case is simply not true. It is a combination of speculation, invented facts, bad translations, hearsay, paranoid dreams and a mixup of statements from parties involved. I have followed the case from very early on and I feel comfortable in saying that I have a good insight into this case. I could never ever have thought that so many of the world’s journalist would report so much that contains so little truth.

Julian Assange came to Sweden in August in order to make arrangements so that Wikileaks could operate from Sweden to benefit from Sweden’s strong press protection legislation. During his stay here he was sexually involved with at least two Swedish women, encounters that since they occured have followed him in newspapers around the world.

Who are the two females behind the sex allegations?

Anna Ardin
Anna Ardin is one of the two females that have accused Julian Assange of sex crimes. She is a key player in this case.

Anna Ardin is a christian, feminist, social democrat, animal rights activist and opponent of abortion from the left. She’s previously been in charge of equality issues for the student union at Uppsala University –a job she received an award for. She was involved in the Swedish general election September 19 and she ran for a seat in Stockholm City Council.

In August she was employed as press secretary by Broderskapsrörelsen ( the “Brotherhood Movement ) and ‘burns for peace and justice… for a just, open society of solidarity’. On her own blog she describes herself as:

‘A political scientist, communicator, entrepreneur, and freelance writer with special knowledge within faith and politics, gender equality issues, feminism and Latin America.’

Broderskapsrörelsen, Brotherhood Movement, is the christian arm of the social democratic party.

We are a Christian left and radical believers who glows for peace, solidarity and justice, we are a progressive force for a fair, transparent and cohesive society, we are a little redder, a little greener. Our movement has its origins in both the labor movement and in the Christian ecumenical movement. For us as a Christian left is the belief in God a source of hope, meaning and a path to human growth, reconciliation and liberation.

The Brotherhood movement has traditionally been a little to the left of the social democrats and have for a long time been involved in the Palestinian question. Lately the movement has been involved in the ship to Gaza campaign.

Female 2, bottom left at the seminar

Female 2
The second female involved does not seem to be as important in this affair as Anna Ardin. That’s the reason I will not reveal her name, just call her Female 2. She is connected to the Brotherhood movement through its youth organisation. For some time she has been an avid fan of Julian Assange

In August when she learned that Julian was coming to Sweden for a seminar she immediately sent an e-mail to the organizers and volunteered to help with anything in connection with the seminar if she could just get in and listen to her hero. Since she hadn’t heard from the organizers she called to find out what was going on. It was agreed that she would assist at the seminar as a photographer and she was welcomed.

A short summary of what actually happened in August
Julian Assange was coming to Sweden to apply for a residence- and work permit in order to run Wikileaks from Sweden. Prior to his visit he had been contacted by Anna Ardin of the Brotherhood movement to give a speech at a seminar on August 14.

It was agreed that Julian should stay in Anna Ardin’s flat in Stockholm since she would be out of town until August 14, the day of the seminar.

Wednesday August 11
Julian arrives in Stockholm and moves into Anna Ardin’s flat. Julian is busy meeting with colleagues and journalists and preparing for having Wikileaks operating out of Stockholm.

Friday August 13
Anna Ardin returns to Stockholm one day earlier than agreed  because she had so much work to do for the upcoming seminar. When she arrived at her flat she found Julian was there. After a meal at a local eatery Anna and Julian decided that it was okay that they would share the apartment.

Later that night and in the morning of August 14 the couple engaged in sex. Sex that 6 days later would be reported to the police.

Saturday August 14
Anna Ardin and Julian worked together at the seminar. Before the seminar started it was discovered that a cable was missing. Female 2 went to a local computer store and sorted the problem.

After the seminar Anna Ardin introduced Female 2 to Julian. It was agreed that Female 2 should accompany Julian and some of his friends for lunch as some kind of thanks for her help at the seminar. At the lunch Julian and Female 2 started flirting. Later Julian and Female 2 left together under the pretext that Julian needed a battery charger for his computer. Maybe a useful pick up line for a hacker.

The couple spent some time looking for a battery charger before they ended up in a museum cinema in the northern part of Stockholm. During the movie the couple engaged in amorous play. The couple split up since Julian had to attend the crayfish party that Anna Ardin had arranged for him. Before they split up they agreed to meet again.

In the evening Julian attended the crayfish party att Anna Ardin’s flat with some friends. Later in the evening he text-messaged Female 2.

Sunday August 15
During the day Female 2 called Julian a number of times but couldn’t reach him since his phone was off.

In the evening Julian and the Pirate Party met to make an agreement regarding Wikileaks servers.

Monday August 16
In a conversation at work Female 2 told some of her friends of her liaisons with Julian on August 14. Her friends told her that Julian might have felt he was being dumped and that if she wanted to continue the relationship she had to become more a active.

Julian attended a number of meetings during the day and was very busy. Some time during the day Female 2 called and they agreed to meet later that night. In the evening after 21.00 they met in down town Stockholm. They took a stroll through the old town in the warm night before they decided to go to Female 2’s flat in Enköping.

Later that night they had protected sex.

Tuesday August 17
In the morning Female 2 was awoken by Julian having unprotected sex with her.

Sometime between August 18 and August 20.
Anna Ardin asks Julian to move out of the apartment. He moves out on Friday the 20th.

Female 2 calls Anna Ardin  and asks if she knows how to get hold of Julian. When Anna ask why she wants to get in contact with Julian Female 2 says she has a message for him. During this conversation, or maybe a later conversation, Anna Ardin learns that Julian have been intimate with Female 2 as well. The two women compare notes and discover similarities. The two women decide they should go to the police.

Friday August 20
Anna Ardin and Female 2 walks into a police station. According to the officer in charge the women wanted “to talk and get some advice regarding two prior incidents and would like to get recommendations on how to proceed since they were insecure. From the start the crime rape was mentioned and it was stated that both women were victims.”

The visit to the police station results in an order for arrest for Julian. The story is leaked to the tabloid Expressen and from there the story flies all over the world.

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  1. In this the real story? If this is the truth then we have to say that Justice in Sweeden is not only blind but a bit stupid also. Too strange to be truth.Are women so sick? If this is the case I think female 2 played a main role. Julian fucked both and dissapeared?

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