Why did Julian Assange come to Sweden?

Julian Assange visited Sweden in mid August. During his visit he had sexual encounters with some Swedish women. Encounters that led to Julian Assange being reported for having committed rape. Since then world media have reported on the story. What the media has avoided to report on is why Julian Assange came to Sweden in the first place and what his perception of Sweden was prior to the sex allegations.

Why did Julian Assange come to Sweden?
Wikileaks has released a number of documents and made some important revelations. The Afghan war reports and the releases of diplomatic cables are just examples. Wikileaks and Julian Assange have acquired a good reputation as a reliable source of information in a very short time. Many people in senior positions world-wide have been exposed. Wikileaks have made enemies.

In order for Wikileaks to continue to operate it is of paramount importance that all their documents are kept safe and that in no way the sources of these documents can be disclosed. The information Wikileaks has must be stored in the safest manner possible. Otherwise the whole Wikileaks operation is in jeopardy.

Wikileaks have for a long time noted that Sweden has very effective and strong press protection legislation. Laws that make it illegal to make investigations about the sources for media. On a visit to Sweden in late April 2010, Julian Assange, hinted that Wikileaks might want to operate from Sweden since Sweden has not only effective press protection legislation but also is independent in relation to the US. So Sweden was regarded as a safe place to operate Wikileaks from.

On August 11, Julian Assange came to Sweden to apply for residence- and work permits, help build up the Swedish section of Wikileaks and make arrangements so Wikileaks servers could be operated from safely. He had accepted an invitation to speak at a seminar arranged by “Broderskapsrörelsen”, (Brotherhood movement).

The visit was by all means a major success for Julian and Wikileaks. He visited newspapers and TV stations and was given a rock star’s welcome. He was on TV almost every night and a large number of very positive articles about Julian and Wikileaks appeared daily. Some newspaper arranged chats so readers could ask questions in real time. Julian told everybody that listened how important Sweden was for Wikileaks.  In one article he was even described as a larger than life fairy-tale creature,

“Julian Assange is Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist moulded together into a single perfect popular cultural icon of our time.” To put it simple, Sweden was smitten with a Julian Assange/Wikileaks fever.

How come Julian was so well received in Sweden? Sweden has for a long time maintained the idea of neutrality and independence. The country was very late in joining the European Union and still haven’t joined NATO. Sweden has through the years been critical to the US and there is a general skeptical attitude towards the US. So when Julian is challenging the US it is easy to understand that he will be embraced by many people and organisations with a critical view on the US. Among many Swedes he was regarded as a hero.

What emerged during the visit was that in order for Wikileaks to benefit from Sweden’s press protections legislation and get the source protection needed Wikileaks had to acquire an “utgivningsbevis”, a publication certificate. That was no problem according to Julian, Wikileaks would apply for one.

On Saturday August 14 the now world famous seminar at the LO headquarters (Central Labour Union headquarter) took place. A number of important journalists were present and it was regarded as a success. The seminar was filmed and later shown on Swedish National TV. Later in the evening a crayfish party was organized for Julian.

On Sunday August 15 Julian met with the Pirate Party and made an agreement. The Pirate Party would support Wikileaks by offering bandwidth and hosting the Wikileaks servers free of charge. The contents of the agreement were described in a press release on August 17.

On August 18 Julian Assange applied for residence- and work permit.

Up until the 18th Julian’s visit to Sweden was by all means a great success. Good contacts, massive media support and an agreement regarding the servers. Everything looked wonderful. Sweden embraced the lanky white-haired Australian that stood up against the US and there were even suggestions that Julian should be awarded the Nobel peace price.

All was well until a devastating phone call. Sometime between August 18 and 20, two women connected with each other and compared notes on their sexual experiences with Julian Assange. When they found disturbing similarities the decided go to the police. On August 20 the women went to a police stations and made statements that resulted in an order of arrest for Julian Assange for committing rape and a few hours later world media was reporting the story.

Julian Assange’s quick turnaround
A couple of months after the rape allegations caught media attention Julian Assange is telling everybody that listens that Sweden is hell on earth and it reminds him of a banana-republic. He is convinced that the accusations against him are part of a world-wide “smear campaign” with the ultimate goal to send him to a US prison. How come Julian so quickly changed his view on Sweden?

Are Julians allegations of a “political conspiracy” against him true or are they just part of the most peculiar defense against rape charges?

Read the next part “Julian Assange’s encounter with the two females”.

5 thoughts on “Why did Julian Assange come to Sweden?

  1. This is the most shameful distortion of facts and outright lies. Julian Assange has never been charged with rape. The women never said they were raped. They had consensual sex. The prosecutor dropped the charges. They were dredged up again for political reasons. According to leaked Strafor email, the US has had a sealed indictment against Assange since 2011. Sweden has in the past been found guilty and fined for illegally allowing renditions out of Sweden. Please educate yourself with the facts; NOT SLANDER.

    For complete FACTUAL details go to http://waca.net.au/christine-assange-responds-to-qa-while-foreign-minister-bob-carr-sticks-to-the-usa-script/

    “Christine Assange Responds to QA While Foreign Minister Bob Carr Sticks to the USA Script”

    • Amy Bean,

      Oh yeah. What do you and Christine Assange know? I read the document you linked to. Christine Assange makes eight claims. She is not even close to the truth. She is doing another Naomi Wolf job. Making eight claims and getting it all wrong. I just wonder how come that Christine Assange does not claim that Julian can walk on water.

  2. For me as a true charcher in the case of Christine Assange,it is ver complex.I was not at the scene all my knowledge are based on hearsay and 99,9% of the so call evediences cant prove that Assange committed these acts.Assange know much about secret deals on said:

    I have the convection that some people are after Assange in other to nail him.Is old way then and now to silence witnesses against stats.Here is a story.my ex-wife phoned me and asked to do food shoping for her.We agreed that i will be at her home.When i came,a woman i have to kids was there,I asked my ex-wife why is this woman here,she who owed you 6000kr(swedish crown) and you are not even a related to her,my kids mum respond,i will make every thing to se that the social to take our daughter from you.I responded to her,i dont want to talk to you.My ex-wife gave me a list and a 100kr.i was scare to leave,i phoned to the police to come and witness am living because my kids mum is fund of making false accusation/aligation on me.The police came and i explained the situation to them.Apolice man went to the kitchen and as my kids mum what is the problem,i heard her saying,this man is violence and there are many repots on him.Iwante to confronted her words.I was denied.I told my ex-wife amd going to do your shoping.I ran on door bell of one of my ex-wife and explained to the woman and just under my talking with my ex-wife`s neigbour,a police man came behind me and twissted my right arm and put a handcuff on me.I asked the officer what have i done and he wrisle me down and sat on me and spittled on my face under 30- minutes and another police patroll came and they twissted my feet.Iwas taken to the police station and detained for 4hours.Nothing was explained to be.The next day i made a repport to the police and 3 days later i received a later from a swedish prosecutor,no case to come with.They turned the case down.There were many witnesses.The cause of no case is based on RACISM.I COMMITTED NO CRIME.WHERE IS JUSTICE

  3. For me as a true charcher in the case of Christine Assange,it is ver complex.I was not at the scene all my knowledge are based on hearsay and 99,9% of the so call evediences cant prove that Assange committed these acts.Assange know much about secret deals on said:

    The is political conspracy and sweden will pay for it when more reveal comes

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